Nigeria Internet Scams Or 419 Scams

Well known Scam or 419 Scams has recently moved to the dating industry. 419 Scam started early 1990s in the lottery industry wherein a international criminal usually from West Africa send mass amounts of an unsolicited emails, which states that you have won a major prize in an international lottery then ask you to pay advance fees to cover administration, legal or delivery costs.

How Does Romance Scams or Romance 419 Work?

1. Romance Scammers normally target Religion social websites where they suspect they can find honest victims. They would create a profile with nice looking fake picture to get in contact with honest victim.

2. They create good sounding relationship with unsuspecting victim. They would regularly contact the victim through various ways of communication including phone calls until they gain the trust of the victim. The scammer exchanges photographs that are not real and in some cases send gift to the victim.

3. After the scammer has established the illusion but meaningful relationship, he or she will begin asking the victim for money. They may say some thing trouble happen to them or their family and desperately in need of money or may ask an airfare in order to meet the victim.

4. They cut off all communications once they receive the money or in some cases ask for more money.

5. In some cases, the scammer will ask the victim to cash a fake money order or cheque for them and wire the money. Banks cannot verify the validity of the money order right away and will cash the money order. Later the victim is responsible for the cashed fake money order plus any penalties and legal prosecutions.

6. In other cases, the scammer will ask the victim to contribute some none existing charity organizations that they work for.

How to Avoid Romance Scams Internet Scams in General

1. Never respond any one asking for help transferring fund from their country due to political or social difficulties. A message may say, they work for some oil company, government agency, or they are a child of diseased rich leader in need of help transferring some fund to your country for investing. Basically these scammers will send you fake money order or cheques or will collect personal information such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers for criminal purposes.

2. Never send money or share sensitive information such as credit card or bank information with someone you meet online even if you trust them and decided to marry.

3. Never contribute charity organization through someone you donít know or you meet online. Contribute genuine charity organization that you know directly..

4. Ignore any lottery wining messages. If you receive an email message informing you lottery draw winning. Million of other people receive the same message. It will cost you money and you will get none.

5. Never send merchandise until the cheques or money order payment you received is cleared at the bank. Wired money (Western Union) or Instant payment (eg: Paypal) is safest way receive money for merchandise.

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