Rahma ibraheem

Rahma ibraheem is 29 years old Male Seeking Marriage Kano, Kano, Nigeria

About Rahma ibraheem:

Salamu alaikum. I believe one has to be patient with one's self first to be able to understand the religion, and abide by it to the best of one's Emaan. obviously no one is perfect, but its calming to the heart, knowing that all of our affairs are controlled by Allah.. Alhamdulillah for that ?


Finding someone to help you fulfill half the deen can be quiet a challenge, considering the factors surrounding it, compatibility, understanding, compromise, patience, integrity, knowing exactly what one wants..E.t.c. and so I'm interested in someone that thrives always, in being a better human, and a better Muslim, around everything that one does, because despite one's goals, ambitions and achievements in life, one's relationship with Allah is paramount, it comes first, May Allah see us all through and guide us, Ameen ? Rabbi Inni Lima Anzalta Ilayya Min Kaihrin Faqir?

Looking for a Muslim from Any in 33-45 age range


Name: Rahma ibraheem Age: 29 Reside: Kano, Kano, NigeriaRoot: NigeriaMarital Status: single Religion: Muslim Practicing level: PracticingHeight: 178 Body Type: AverageHave Children: No Smoke: No Drinker: NoHair Color: - Eye Color: BrownOccupation: Employed-General Education Level: Bachelors DegreeMember Since: 2023-05-06 15:31:45 Last Login: 2023-05-06 15:31:45