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goal=jannah is a 47 years old Male Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Muslim from Any Country and 20-35 age range
Reside: london, london United Kingdom
Nationality or Root Country: Pakistan
Marital Status: Married Age: 47
Religion: Muslim Practicing level: Practicing
Height: 165 cm Body Type: Slim
Have Children: Yes Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Dont want say Education Level: Bachelors Degree
Member Since: 2011-09-03 Last Login: 2015-11-05
ask for my email / skype / whatsapp if you seriously wish to discuss more.....i am in morocco for 2 weeks

je parle un peu de francais.....

Life is about getting to Jannah / pleasing Allah. (I am married with kids, I offer an Islamic way of life inshallah, and a family, but i am not rich). Allah knows best how religious i am, if i am good or bad, but i fast, pray, read the Quran every day. I pray He raises me up amongst the righteous servants & that i fulfil my oath/ qasm/ ahd with Him. And gives me wives & children from amongst the people of Jannah, who live & die Worshipping HIm.Currently i am in England but plan to move to a warmer country where muslims live as soon as possible.the black top pic is recent. In the unlikely event that you are interested in my profile-pls contact me..
You should expect me to love you, share with U, U should be my friend & companion as well as the others in my family. U should learn from me and me from U. U should expect me to judge by Quran &Sunnah, NOT tolerate haram things. I am a rubbish cook, & can only do pasta, chips, omelletes and fried egg, anything more complicated i would have to help you, get the kids out of the way while you cook. I believe in technology but i dont run after the latest gadgets. not too materialistic. I'm not the type who talks a lot about things especially just to talk for the sake of talking.
Issues that concern me: muslim situation, if it effects children or the fardh duties would upset me. i hate watching sports, i would rather watch the news or something enjoyable with the family or wife,even if its some cartoons. I 'try' &keep fit & maintain my figure, but i am not a mental case with bulging rippling muscles lol.

...I AM MARRIED! if you havent figured it out, I love kids, want loads more. Would like another loving partner.At the same time I am not your typical person. i am unique. i guess everyone is, but dont sterotype me! I follow the opinion that you can marry more than 1 wife & i love the first & inshallah will love the 2nd etc. And what better way is there of knowing what your husband will be like -but to ask the wife. (MY first wife knows i am looking, & would like another sister. The Prophet (saw) is the Best of examples and the Sahaba (ra) after that, and they did so and who says you can't love more than 1. If you have 2 children, do you love both or only one, if you have 2 good friends, do you love only 1 or both, if you have 2 parents do you love 1 or both, or if you have 2 good uncles or 2 good aunts, do you love only 1 or both. Anyway i am not here to change your viewpoint regarding this. I would like a wife thats got a good heart, sees the other as a friend, companion, sister, someone to share with, as well as some to lean on when i am not around, or at work etc. and I would never hit my wife, or abuse her physically, i don't lie etc. ask my wife. and oh yes, i suppose beauty does help but thats subjective. There's alot more to say but i will let u ask..and no one's perfect or will ever be.(except Muhammad-saw). Please note dawa is an important part of my life. (That does not mean i neglect my other responsibilities either!) i prefer contact by email or skype / whatsapp etc...

More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: Any Country
Religion: Muslim
Age Range: 20-35
I am looking for a practicising muslimah, NOTE: I plan to leave UK as soon as i can.. so i will not help anyone get residency / nationality etc in the UK. Preferably arab or knows arabic or will learn it, someone who wears khimaar/jilbab or will do so. She must pray (min.5 times a day), fast, read quran, who wants to increase/is increasing her knowledge of islam. Someone who's concerned about the affairs of the Ummah, ∧ looks forward to a time when the Muslims will no longer be oppressed by dictators, puppets, or the west, but will once again be the Best Nation raised to Mankind. If you only think about yourself, are selfish, individualistic,or think that you can't do anything about the situation in the Muslim world then you're not what i'm looking for. Someone who would pray tahujjad with me and encourage me in the good deeds. Someone who is funny would be good, but definitely pleasant, likes to laugh. although not mad, loving, generous, soft and kind, a smiling face and twinkling eyes loves kids, is patient/ has sabr, DOESNT HIT kids, teaches them with or will teach them with tenderness, love, care, encouragement. dont worry i help you. able to get on with my family, likes going out occasionally), looks after herself (physically). i am absolutely sorry, but i know there are some lovely people out their who are oversized, or maybe i am undersized BUT i have no desire to be squished or squashed. ok maybe i'm asking for too much but if you are a little bit like this. contact me. Someone who is not materialistic, a shopaholic, a drama person, womens/ gossip magazine reader, liars, schemers, cunning people are absolutely NOT acceptable. No scams or frauds. I WILL SEND NO MONEY or 'gifts'. Someone who understands that this life is a journey and we should be as travelers, but we should enjoy and fufil our responsibilities to one another. If you are looking for a hollywood romance, a life of ease / comfort / luxury.. i am not your man. If you are looking for tranquility in the heart- inshallah-i am the one!I don't want someone who thinks they are perfect, or says 'I WILL NOT CHANGE, & i am happy as i am'. If we think we dont need to change, or are perfect then how do we get better? or closer to Allah? Only the Prophet was perfect.OK for those people who are an never ending search maybe this will help you. I don't believe in the western concept of soulmate. It results in affairs or misery when people have difficulty in their marriage.There are billions of people on this earth and the west would have us believe we have to find that 1 in a billion. Now thats impossible and a cause for unhappiness. If finding a soulmate was a correct idea, then (Aouzobillah) did the Sahabah and the Prophet(saw) get it wrong when they married more than 1 wife or when they divorced? However i do believe that someone can become an ideal/ perfect partner, but this would happen as the partners get to know each other, love, share, put up with, forgive, teach each other and this would happen after marriage obviously. However, compatibility through common goals,and concepts are the key points to a happy and long lasting marriage and a partner that you share your life with, someone who therefore knows you and loves you for who you are and what you stand for. Then (after marriage) you will (Inshallah) find that he she develops into someone you could call the perfect partner or ideal mate or your love, Anyway i hope you find someone who is good for you, your deen & your akhirah wasalam.

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