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Traditional and old fashioned girl

💟 is a 28 years old Female Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Muslim from Any Country and 18-84 age range
Reside: Nigeria
Nationality or Root Country: Nigeria
Marital Status: single Age: 28
Religion: Muslim Practicing level: Practicing
Height: -5'4ft Body Type: Average
Have Children: No Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Not Employed Education Level: -
Member Since: 2021-09-30 Last Login: 2021-10-16
I'm a virgin. Like a real one. Not one of those ‘I’ve done everything but get my lower genitals punctured but it’s been touched’ sort of false virgins. I’ve never kissed anyone, never held hands with a guy, not even been on a ‘date’, etc. I’m as clean as the first fallen snow. I don’t expect any guy to be ‘pure’.

As a person, I like to be silly a lot and as well tend to over think things so small that they can blow up into a messy spiral in my own head. I weigh values above everything else in this world. I'm timid and cautious by nature and talk a lot. My mom would describe me as a girly girl, very friendly but can have a sharp tongue when threatened, someone who holds no evil agenda and someone who likes to reason with logic verbally.

I enjoy cooking and looking up recipes in my free time and when I have the ingredients, attempt to replicate them. A lot of them are successes and some are failures.

As a Muslim, I believe in Allah (s.w.t.) truly and this religion is the only thing that makes me feel safe a lot of times when it doesn't terrify me. It keeps me in line and I retreat in Duas when I feel depressed or upset about something. I give to charity because I want to and I like it. As someone being born in the religion, I feel like in many ways I choose it since it suits my nature. Dressing appropriately and covering up has always been easy for me. I like cleanliness and proper actions. I'm far from strict or close minded, lol. Islam is more of lifestyle that I breath without thinking. It just is.

If I’m not able to have a child for whatever reason, don’t consider the thought or idea of divorcing me and especially do not put blame on me or shame for something that is obviously out of my control. Be open to Islamic adoption and I'll be open to you having a 2nd or a 3rd wife. (DO NOT message me if this is a deal breaker, I like to think of all negatives that may occur and prepare for disaster).

I have a real phobia of needles and any type of invasive medical procedures. I also dont trust pharamaciticals much due to the industry only suppressing sickness rather than cure it permanently.

I prefer alternative medicine and Ayurvedic treatments ONLY.

I have social anxiety/health anxiety depending on the occasion.

I'm very feminine/girly acting in real life and antisocial + an introvert.

Very mentally mature.
I believe in gender roles.
Very affectionate.
I Scare easily.

I cannot (unfortunately) hold a grudge.

I have no interest in working (that's your job), and wish to be a housewife like in the 1950s.

Please be serious and patient and be able to type whole sentences.

Don't judge me right away based on my words, humans are more detailed and complex, it takes living with someone to truly know them.

I have flaws such as:

1. I'm irrevocably lazy. Or rather mentally lazy. If I had it my way, I'd do nothing all day. Literally. It's disturbing.
2. I'm easily hurt emotionally, so I have no interest in a man who uses his words or fists to manipulate, control, or hurt me.
3. I'm antisocial and an introvert to the purest and truest sense of the word.
4. I have high anxiety, likely due to some form of trauma? Or I could naturally be like this. Who knows? I worry and get stressed quickly, lol.
5. I have trypanophobia + tomophobia...also know as the extreme and 'irrational' fear and aversion of needles and medical procedures respectively.
6. I have a bit of a deviant nature towards force and forced authority. With me, coaxing and giving me the illusion of having an escape and open option is the best and effective way to get me to do things.
7. I'm socially awkward and shy at times.
8. When I get nervous, I tend to loose breath and talk idly and rampantly... Like a freight train.
9. I have near constant word vomit i.e. I talk faster than a speedster and don't know when to stop even though my mind is giving me obvious cues to shut the hell up.
10. To counteract #9 up there, I have a tendency to loose interest in people and things quickly... Look back to #1. I just have to make the commitment and effort is all.
11. I'm triggered by any yelling and loud angry, aggressive voices. So dear future husband, you better be a quiet, docile man.
12. I can't handle too much pressure or stress, cue #4.
13. I personally do not like certain expectations that society and men pressure on females...or rather myself. I can't control my own body, destiny, fate, or luck.
14. I can't hold a grudge. That should be a good thing, but in this dark world we live in, I'm considered a fool, lol
15. I'm a bit prejudice and judgmental with certain races and people.
16. I'm TERRIFIED of childbirth and have no idea who would want me to be honestly.
17. I get frustrated quickly when things don't go my right away.
18. I RARELY get angry but I do get annoyed and irritated with people in compensation.

All these here may seem...unattractive, but please take a look st yourself and don't be arrogant or shy away from your truth. We all have unsavory antics and ways about ourselves. But as long as we can work around them to do better and can acknowledge them, none of it should be an issue.


1. I am loyal. In a world where morals are diminishing rapidly, loyalty is something I value a lot and its just not in my nature to flip sides so quickly.
2. I am faithful. If you hear the amount of times Ive argued, yelled at my parents, strangers, and worthless people (my parents aren't worthless btw!) about spouses who cheat on one another...My God, you'd get an earful. I LOATH that type of behavior and the punishment should be torture till death .
3. I am trustworthy. As a Muslim and a descent human being, how hard and complicated is it to not steal from someone who gives you their property to hold for safekeeping? I don't steal, or cheat people out of their money, and there have been times! But again, its not in my nature to do so. I got that from my father. And evil people treat him like a fool. But, there's always hellfire for those type of jerks! You can trust me with money, I certainly won't touch it. At all. As well as your secrets. I just can't wrap my head around people who do that...
4. I'm very introspective and perspective in observing and comprehending people and their choices.
5. I try not to instantly judge others right away and prefer to hear and see all sides of the story before I come up with an end result.
6. I'm one of the few people in this world who is trying so hard to keep my mind, thoughts, and morals upheld and keeping up my self value. The self value part is easy when I think about myself and compare them to other less fortunate people.
7. When I wear makeup...and wander about in the sun (yuck), I look rather lovely sometimes.
8. I believe in honor above all other values. When you loose this, everything tends to fall flat after.
9. I truly fear hellfire, the shaitan, the End Times, tribulations, and tragedies. I get angry at Allah (s.w.t.) for promising this world's destruction. I want no part in it. Why do I have to suffer with every other evil doer?
10. I have an innate aversion to haram societal ongoings in the world at large.
11. I think its a good thing when a Muslim, but a woman especially, can freely and surely say that they fear death and all its torments. I am one of those people.
12. My mind is extraordinarily solid when it comes to belief in Islam. This material world does not fool me. I'm too aware of it and the consequences are not worth me.

(What Annoys Me)
1. Smacking and chewing food with your mouth open and loudly.
2. Touching my things. I can't stress enough about this. I don't want I conceive as my own property or 'territory' to be touched or entered. I'm a private individual and do not like any part of my being and items being touched unless you ask first.
3. Sweat. It's gross. So take a bath or splash water on yourself first before coming anywhere near me.
4. Talking in the mornings. This isn't much of a pet peeve but rather something I'm not fond of. But if you do it, its ok. I'm here to listen. Don't fret.
5. Don't drag things that make screeching noises. Its bothersome to my ears and teeth, if they had their own mind.
6. People who don't forgive easily. Just...why? I hate those who hold grudges. Go die already and take your petty hate to hell with you.
7. Stingy people. It's fine to be careful with money and things, but to pinch every single cent? Not healthy and not good.
8. Greedy anything.
9. New age losers and any upcoming religions that aren't Sunni Islam or the original people of the scripture Christianity.
10. The phrases: "You do you.", " Be yourself", etc. It's so mind numbing and false in every satanic sense because it all concludes the freaks that Islam really doesn't even recognize.
11. People who push their ideas and (usually haram) lifestyle on others who absolutely do NOT want to be apart of.
12. Incomprehensible people. If I can't talk to you and you don't want to or 'can't' bother to make the effort to see through my point of view, I cannot stand creatures like that.
13. I don't like my personal space being invaded. Ever.
14. I hate those who gossip and can't hold secrets.
15. I don't like falsely moral people. Don't be a preacher who doesn't practice what he preaches.
16. The modern man. He is the cause of today's destruction. Allah gave man dominion over females...and still he is not only weak but apparently wretched and heartless in his ways. Cattle cannot herd themselves, only herdsmen. And when the herdsmen look away for even a second...the cattle scatter. Just simple, plain logic.
17. Women in general. Most females are either stupid, petty, dark, or two faced harpies.
18. Humanity irritates me a lot of times
19. Nigerian people. It's more a hate than anything.
20. People who don't back off when you've clearly told them to stop.
21. Water/towel on the floor. *Cue murder vibes* please, dont be someone who tracks water on the floors and purposely leave your towels on the floors. Just don't. Please.

***No, I dont have WhatsApp or FB or any of those social media. I do have a Kik and Skype (for when things get real and serious) though communicating through our personal emails would suffice***

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask me.

***dont msg me with a "HI", its annoying. Tell me who you are and be able to write whole and full sentences.***

More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: Any Country
Religion: Muslim
Age Range: 18-84
Person should not be Nigerian.
Should be patient and kind.

I dont like men who have harsh personalities and a low view on females. Also, not into men who can't be reasoned with or yell a lot.

Don't contact me if you're looking for a woman who wants to work outside the home. I'm not your ideal girl in that case as I'd prefer to be a housewife.

Someone with a real belief in Islam with a caring and soft nature and a willingness to learn more and take the time to teach me.

If I’m not able to have a child for whatever reason, don’t consider the thought or idea of divorcing me and especially do not put blame on me or shame for something that is obviously out of my control. Be open to Islamic adoption and I'll be open to you having a 2nd or a 3rd wife. (DO NOT message me if this is a deal breaker, I like to think of all negatives that may occur and prepare for disaster).

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