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You are viewing ilovecats's profile: A girl who loves cats, utterly fears pain (trypanophobia), lives in fanfics

A girl who loves cats, utterly fears pain (trypanophobia), lives in fanfics

ilovecats is a 27 years old Female Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Muslim from Any Country and 18-84 age range
Reside: Nigeria
Nationality or Root Country: Nigeria
Marital Status: single Age: 27
Religion: Muslim Practicing level: Practicing
Height: 5'4ft Body Type: Average
Have Children: No Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Not Employed Education Level: Secondary School
Member Since: 2021-04-18 Last Login: 2021-05-07
No known diseases, Thank God. I value my health above *everything*.
I'm a virgin and have never been in close intimate proximity with any male I.e. no kissing, hand holding, etc. I'm untouched, to coin the word.

I am not university educated as that is costly and I dont come from a wealthy or financially stable background, but I have gone up to SS1 and read many western books and watched many films so I feel that at the very least my grammar is component enough to make up for my lack of higher education.

First of all, I'm a believer of gender roles so Im conservative, and traditional in the sense that man works, woman stays at home. If I want work at some time in my life that's my decision but no man is going to force me into working. Leave now if I've ruined your vision of me. I'm not a modern girl but here's the good thing, as there's more females then males, so I'm not special hence you can go find someone else. ^_^

I'm a rarity in a common mainstream world and likely even in times past. I fear pain, physical pain so much that it's actually not healthy. I dont like needles or hospitals or anything medical. I'm a firm believer in herbs and the power of Duas! OK, that sounds a bit lame to start with but its the truth. I like to talk a lot and I'm pretty depressed most days though you'd never know unless you looked at my eyes. The world outside is filled with so much sin that I can't hold all the misery in my heart that I at times go in my room and cry for hours. In general I'm a lazy person and I mean LAZY but just need a kind nudge to get things done. I'm not looking for love but rather a man who wants a true companion, a gal who isn't swayed by material things though I'm not cheap or interested in poverty lol.

I see the world for what it is and I have a tendency to think negative of most people and the world at large. I want a husband that can save me and protect me from the darkness, myself, and hellfire. I'm antisocial by nature and literally can live in the four corners of my home and be absolutely content but have no aversion to going out with my spouse from time to time.

I love cats very much and due to my utter fear of pain and needles, I doubt I'd be the girl you're looking for if you want a bundle of kids. If Allah permits me, I'd maybe but unlikely will allow myself to have 1 child. If I'm not able to have kids for whatever reason I'd like to do the Muslim version of adoption for my sake alone and as such will allow my husband to marry a second wife as long as she lives in a separate home from me.

If you can handle me, I promise you you'll get a woman who is loyal, someone who definitely won't ever expose your secrets, someone who will keep you healthy at all costs, someone who you can confide in and someone who can hype you up and emotionally support you.
I'm a true believer in honor and faithfulness to one's spouse and expect the same.

I dont like change, big cities, or technology much except for some. My ideal perfect life is to live in a country side, with a simple and dull, boring life without drama or complications but certainly not in poverty.

I also have a sweet tooth, but any guy who marries me is going to be subject to my nagging him about eating healthy. I'll probably want to play with your hair if you have any and jump on your back for fun and talk and debate about fictional characters.

I also must have my own room to myself. I love my privacy and truly can't stand being around people sometimes.

I don't have WhatsApp or much social media ~

More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: Any Country
Religion: Muslim
Age Range: 18-84

My ideal muslim husband must be HONORABLE above all else, someone who is naturally docile but not a pushover, someone who thrives on communication and never raises his voice at me or direspects my personal boundaries, someone who has IMMENSE patience with me I.e. can handle a typically eccentric, sometimes highly emotional but abnormally rational human female, and someone who already has or had a wife and kids so that if I, myself, chooses to no want to bear the miserable burden of childbirth or can't have kids for whatever reason (but a man who for mysake, if the situation should arise if that is Allah's will, will be open-minded enough to allow me to adopt a child for my sanity), you and I won't have a freak out or a divorce. I just want a husband who likes me, understands me, and someone I can truly trust who won't ever put me down. He must be friendly, affectionate, a bit quirky, quiet, and mature without being intimidating. I can't hold a grudge so you shouldn't either.

Oh and he must love cats. That is a major deal breaker.

I can write some more but hopefully I've gotten my point across!

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