Sophia979977 is 64 years old Female Seeking Marriage Jakarta, Indonesia

About Sophia979977:

I am (Sov) … • Incomplete… without YOU! So please READ MY PROFILE COMPLETELY and you will MEET me. • Indonesian, single, practicing Muslima, young at heart. • Have a passion for learning more about Islam, love to explore new places, enjoy being active, healthy and staying fit. • I do pray 5 times daily, fast and pay my zakat. I really hope to perform the pilgrimage Hajj in the near future, In sya Allah. I have been wearing the hijab since 15 years ago • My only weakness is chocolate and cheese cake, and I am extremely judgmental…. when it’s come to hot or cold chocolate! :)


I am looking for: • A MUSLIM man with positive outlook on life who follows the guide lines of Islam. • A man who is able to take this deen seriously and strive in the way of this deen but still be able to balance this life and the next. • Someone who knows and can carry out his responsibility as a Muslim man and as a husband. Someone who prays and fast, non smoker, non drinker and is not an extremist. • A man, who's mature, has a lot of love, care and affection to give, who will put all of his energy into developing a relationship that leads to marriage. • If you think and feel that Islam is close to your heart, and your main goal is to earn Jannah, then let’s talk now. Don’t wait till tomorrow ! I believe, that in Islam, marriage is a lot more than having someone to call husband or wife. Allah SWT has already says in the Qur’an that marital relationship is an incredible blessing and divine sign. I believe in abundance of barakah in halal relationship i.e. sacred matrimony. Life is too short and at anytime that death can knock on our doors. I'm NOT a time waster so please don't waste my time for useless things. I am at this phase of life and age, making the best till the rest of my life. In sya ALLAH. I am seriously ready to settle down, that's why I'm on this site.

Looking for a Muslim from Any in 48-69 age range


Name: Sophia979977 Age: 64 Reside: Jakarta, IndonesiaRoot: IndonesiaMarital Status: single Religion: Muslim Practicing level: DevotedHeight: -155 Cm Body Type: AverageHave Children: No Smoke: No Drinker: NoHair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Dark BrownOccupation: Employed-General Education Level: Bachelors DegreeMember Since: 2021-01-24 00:00:00 Last Login: 2023-01-08 00:00:00