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About Sed:

I work in China but now in Egypt (working online+holiday) because of Corona situation Details about me I think I will write my intro as questions: 1- Why this a long profile? I apologize for the length of my writing, but this became longer and longer because talking with many people online made me realizes that there are many cultural/religion/personal differences to talk about, so this will save both our time 2- Can you tell me about yourself? I know I'm not perfect but I'm trying to be better. I am Egyptian who lived in the US since 2009 where I finished chemistry MS and PhD in 2015 and worked as assistant coordinator in my university for a year until May 2016. Then I moved to China to work in another university as a lecturer. I am flexible and willing to relocate to other places as long as I find a good job after marriage. 3- What are your good qualities? Why it seems that you are demanding (or what are you offering back in the relationship?) Some of my good qualities: honest- moderately religious and try to be good Moslem-ambitious and persistent- patient-good listener-I like to plan ahead before doing anything- academically successful (and hopefully will have a bright future  in sha ALLAH)- problem solver (I try to find solutions and think of different alternatives). I think I will be a good husband and father as well in the future in Sha ALLAH. I am not demanding but I wanted to say everything I am and what I want so we don’t get surprises later. You are very welcome to tell me your expectations/what are you looking for as well (I can’t think of every quality I have/don’t have) 4- What are your bad qualities? (Only what I think of now, I am sure there are more ) Some of my bad qualities (that need to be worked on in sha ALLAH) : very quiet person and don't talk a lot (especially online), so this can be BORING for many girls. Think I can be less boring in person (maybe not too much but still, so it’s very possible to be bored when talking with me online and this is one of the reasons that I want to get married ASAP- looks are important to me BOTH face and body, I try to look for character of course, but I think physical attraction is important. I think living alone for a long time in foreign countries might have made me somewhat selfish and robotic (not have feelings, could be also a side effect of being a scientist )), so you might notice that in reading this profile or talking with me. This robotic feelings increased since 2018 {when I first discovered it. I am online searching for a wife since 2009 (I know 11 years is too much) and until 2018 everything was purely online without ever meeting in person due to financial or distance and travel problems (neither of us can go to the other person) until 2018 when I started meeting people in person from online. But I was shocked that I don’t have emotional or physical feelings. Up to 2018, I was full of them and extremely eager to get married. My own analysis is that living alone for very long time and searching for a wife for a very long time without success made me somehow give up. And I stopped searching for a while since I felt it would be unfair to the girl. But then I realized that the problem won’t be solved if I stayed like that. So I decided to continue searching and telling the girl in advance about all of that and she can decide} to the point that sometimes I don’t even feel I need to get married anymore, and not even have the normal physical attraction between men and women or don’t want to have children or think my first marriage could be a failure or…. So girls like emotions/feelings and I cannot provide that now especially online, that’s another reason for me wanting to get married ASAP since I think it can solve that problem. I can’t deny it’s a risk for the girl though. However, because I am now almost 38, I think I should get married, and I am trying here to tell my future wife everything I can from the beginning. Hopefully, after marriage I’ll develop feelings after living with my wife. But I wanted to warn you  just in case this change takes a long time or don’t happen. These robotic feelings made me think I have one of two options: 1- Either keep searching until finding a girl that make me feel something (hasn’t happened until now, that’s why I think maybe after marriage). 2- Find a girl that has all/almost all requirements I want (but of course nobody is perfect, so also no one yet). I have been online for so long, that’s why I prefer personal meetings as soon as possible. Also, I am NOT rich and you should discuss with me what you expect in this regard if this is important to you and because my thinking could be different due to the differences in culture/personality etc..) 5- What are your future plans? I am in China for work in a university (that has connections with U of Reading in the UK) to get experience so I can stay in China or come back to the US/Japan/Europe or somewhere if I have a good job offer (if not, then will stay in China). So I want someone flexible to come with me. I don’t mind planning to find a job at your country/place in the future but only after I have a job offer, I can go. 6- What do you think about love? One philosophical thing some girls talk about it: I think love before marriage if happened is a good thing, but if not and there is potential seen in the relationship, then love CAN be developed after marriage. So I don’t necessarily see it as a prerequisite to marriage, especially in my situation where most of the relationship at the beginning will be online before we meet and decide to get married. So there will be no usual daily meetings to develop “love” feelings. But also, of course we will not get married if both/one of us dislike the other. So at least some likeability exist to decide the marriage. I can discuss this with you more if it’s important for you. 7- Why are you looking for marriage? And why online? 3 reasons: complete my deen-loneliness-instinct(to some degree) Some ask me why don’t look in your country or someone like you? I try to ask my family in Egypt but as I mentioned, I live in foreign countries for the past 11 years, so I don’t go to Egypt often and when I do, there is no enough time. Also, some girls in Egypt don’t like traveling in general or don’t like China specifically. And in foreign countries, not always Muslims around me, so internet became a necessity and as long as we agree about everything before marriage, then why not? There are more things about me to discuss, so please ASK me when we contact about them. I prefer to get married this Summer (depending on Pandemic situation and flights) ADVICE: please don't forget to pray/donate for people suffering in Syria, Palestine, Burma, Yemen, China, Iraq…


Details about what I am looking for 1- What are you looking for? Religious wife (help each other to be better Moslems), respectable, educated, pretty, understand cultural differences, ambitious and ALWAYS encourage me. Someone flexible to relocate (at least temporarily if necessary). Also, I want someone understand my quiet nature (that's very important), someone who wear hijab or at least not opposed to it when we decide to marry. And of course, you must be praying, fasting Ramadan, etc.. 2- When do you want to marry? I want to marry ASAP, I will try to come to your country once if we decided to marry if I can depending on country/situation/visa etc.. (I lived alone for a long time, so I prefer someone is ready to settle down and not into long relationship prior to marriage). So for a) ASAP: think about extreme situation, meet today, marry tomorrow kind of thing . You might think “is he desperate”, the answer is “no” because I met many people who wanted to get married but I didn’t since I didn’t feel it’s the right decision with those specific people. So I am not desperate but I want to marry ASAP when I find the suitable girl. b) for meeting, please bear in mind that it’s very possible that I can ask you to meet in China or Egypt or another country that I am in at the time. It is not because I don’t want to come to your country, it’s just because depending on the time of the year (I am working or in holiday) and on visa processing situation to your country. I can help financially in paying for your flight and accommodation if you decide to come. I don't mind talking with parents/wali from the beginning but I will ask for phone AND for video chat(with presence of parents/wali if that's what you prefer) since I am visual person and because this is the closest to personal meeting if we live in different places until we can meet. And I prefer no make-up if possible. Talking with parent/wali will happen in the beginning stage as well anyway but if not the first time we talk video,then soon after we feel comfortable. What’s your detailed expectation about marriage cost? Do you expect a wedding? etc.. . I am asking because of different cultures and expectation and also to avoid any misunderstandings/arguments… I personally don’t prefer one(even though I have never been married before) since I want to get married ASAP and the money can be spent on Umrah or vacation. But if there is, then no music, no mixed men &women and no makeup. I prefer someone without physical relationship history (divorcee-widow), but if someone compatible on many other levels, then “maybe” and if you have kids, could you please tell me your expectations from me? And their living arrangement? I am sorry but I never married and never had kids so I need to know Also, I am the eldest son in my family and my father is dead, so there is a possibility that my mother live with me for periods of time depending on her. She talks with me a lot about that. Are you ok with that? That’s important for her since she doesn’t get to see me for many months every year. FOR MEETING: I can try to come to your country only once (maybe for a week or few days). So either we will get married at the end of this period, OR I’ll come back we can marry by tawkeel and then you can come to China. If I couldn’t come, then maybe you can come (I know this is hard and not ideal but I am just saying if there is a problem for me not to come) Also, my life was somewhat academic but I would like to learn business, so just because of that, if you know how to do business, it's a bonus :) This is NOT a must for me, just a bonus Finally, I want to talk about citizenship issue (that could be important for some western/Asian girls): In the US, families/girls disagreed to meet me because I was student (not financially able to start a family) and/or I don’t have green card/citizenship. They were worried that after I get my papers, I will divorce her. I was annoyed by that because they assumed automatically that I am a bad person and also assumed that I will like the girl regardless of her beauty, education, religion etc..This situation, of course, because I was looking for a proper marriage If I was just searching for papers, I would have married anyone regardless of everything I want and even if I paid money. But I am looking for a proper marriage. And that wasn’t the case, I was looking for better career option and a stable married life even if it was in Antarctica because I needed work experience after graduation, so citizenship wasn’t an issue. Now, I have 2 years experience and this is my 3rd one, so now I am looking to settle down in a country with a better quality of life than China or Egypt. So I thought to add citizenship to “the things I am looking for in a woman”. So now, how do you know that the scenario that girls/families in the US won’t happen? Well, nobody can guarantee anything; even if two citizens married each other can end with separation. So I will just talk about myself here: 1- I am an honest person and I am talking about this upfront 2- You can ask about anything you want about my life or future plans 3- I am already in a good position in my career, and I am not looking for any woman regardless of her physical beauty, education, character etc.. So I am looking for a proper wife, citizenship is only one thing of things I am looking for. 4- I am fine (actually even persuaded) to live in China even after marriage for a while. So it’s not like I want to move in your country right away. I need to find a suitable job before relocation or having a scholarship with stipend for study or something to be able to live. So to summarize this part, having citizenship and acquiring citizenship via marriage is a nice thing to have and give more options and I would like to have it, however, I still need to like the girl (or find many requirements that I want) so the marriage can continue. I think if citizenship is the “only” reason, probably it won’t be successful

Looking for a Muslim from Any in 21-40 age range


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