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WASEEM is a 63 years old Male Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Muslim from India and 45-55 age range
Reside: RUWI, MUSCAT Oman
Nationality or Root Country: India
Marital Status: Divorced Age: 63
Religion: Muslim Practicing level: Devout
Height: 175 cm Body Type: Slim
Have Children: Yes Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Brown and Black streak Eye Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Self Employed Education Level: Doctorate
Member Since: 2017-01-09 Last Login: 2017-12-10

Salaam to All ...

Before I write anything about me ...


Hello : ) ... Thanks for visiting my profile. Please read it carefully & till the end ...

PLEASE ... Invites ONLY from ladies of ETHNICITIES of ... Middle East, G.C.C, India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh. Zodiacs : LIBRA, AQUARIUS, GEMINI, SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN, LEO, CANCER & ARIES ... ONLY (I am not an Occult freak ... but have my own reasons for seeking Astrological / Numerological details ... will explain in communication )

If you are short / ill tempered,proud / arrogant, doubting / suspecting, insulting / insolent &impatient; and if you insist on keeping your, images, contacts &emails hidden / un-shared even after initiating & or accepting invites please move to the next profile ... Thanks.

Ladies who hold U.S/Canadian & European nationalities ... please, rest assured, that IF, for any reason, I initiate an invite; it WON'T be out of greed for the citizenship / sponsorship ... I am proud of mine, as we are able to stay in most of those countries without any problem. I can also apply for dual citizenship for U.K; should I wish so.

The nature of my profession / business requires me to shift between G.C.C & India ... but I can relocate for love,peace and prosperity.

Now ABOUT ME ...

One smile, One word, One look, & that One Person that can change your life That's ME : ) : )

Writing about self is one of the trickiest things. Anyway I will have to be honest even if you call it conceit ... How else am I going to convey what I really am ? I am a mature man look much younger, with perfect health.

Honesty, sincerity, kindness, generosity, dignity, self respect, morality, believes, high standards, religious & cultural values, ethics and integrity are very basic elements of my character & personality and truly reflect my family background & the stock I belong too.

With great attributes; physical,mental as well as moral any lady would YEARN to have in her man; be they good looks, intelligence, romantic, artistic & sentimental disposition, sensual and sensuous nature. I am highly educated, well bred & well traveled ... I am free from all moral & religious vices & by the grace of Allaah, fulfill all my religious & social duties and obligations. I am generous, have a GSOH, have acute discretion & loads of patience ... A VERY STAUNCH & PRACTICING MUSLIM & SHEE'AH ... I am very moderate in my approach & attitude to all matters relogious they be or social; I AM NOT A HARSHLY DOGMATIC EXTREMIST.

I am very broadminded and respect other religions ... and, in fact, have deeply studied a couple. Have visited many places of worship in many countries.I love literature, music and all forms of art.

My hobbies are ... stamps, currency & coin collecting. Photography, gardening. I also love swimming and walking where & whenever possible.MY FAVOURITE CUISINE : Veg & Non Veg Indian / Lebanese / Continental & MUGHLAI food.

With all the,so called, awesome and enviable attributes; true marital happiness & bliss still eludes me. I would open the book of my life to you IF you are realistic, trusting & sympathetic. Like many people, my life also is a mix bag of sweet,& sour.

More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: India
Religion: Muslim
Age Range: 45-55
Seeking a Shee'ah lady; or from other Islamic Fiqhs, who revere & respect Ahl'ul Bayt & KNOW who they are & ACKNOWLEDGE their supremacy viz a viz the rest; then U R most welcome blissful tiding.

Pretty or Charming / appealing, if not so called beautiful ( after all beauty lies in the eyes of beholder; isn't it?) wheatish colour, if not fair, buxom but NOT FAT or FLAB, well read if not formally educated with a traditional scroll in hand. Well & decently dressed,carries herself well, open minded but not promiscuous, Religious but not fanatic. I am not for the traditional burqah but do insist on decent dress code.

If you are possessive, jealous, ill or short tempered; JUST KEEP AWAY FROM ME .......Romantic with love for nature,music, songs, ghazals & literature in general. Keen on personal hygiene ...Perfume & fragrances are my MEGA TURN ONs.... BODY ODOURS & BAD BREATH ARE MY MEGA TURN OFFS. I prefer my lady love to be a wonderful cook; but if not that ... a little less wonderful will do : ): )

Well, I will have to end this here and wait to hear from you ....May Allaah bless us with our desired soul mate.

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