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Mohd is a 57 years old Male Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Any One from Any Country and 30-45 age range
Reside: South Africa
Nationality or Root Country: South Africa
Marital Status: Divorced Age: 57
Religion: Muslim Practicing level: Practicing
Height: 178 cm Body Type: Athletic
Have Children: Yes Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Employed-Professinal Education Level: Bachelors Degree
Member Since: 2016-07-31 Last Login: 2020-06-02
Practicing Muslim who adheres to a balanced & moderate path of Islam. Able to engage on a wide spectrum of topics, nature lover, ardent hiker, camper & traveler who prefers to be overwhelmed by the openness of forests, mountains & even deserts .. rather than the be restricted by the claustrophobic constraints of urbanisation - what better time & place to reflect & ponder the existence & omnipresence of "THAT ALL POWERFUL REALITY " then when engulfed by the immensely beautiful & absolutely magnificent surroundings of HIS creation !!

I am fiercely loyal to those who are close to my heart & strive on a daily basis to be just & fair in my dealings & interactions with my fellow human kind without being prejudice or judgmental & definitely not scared to own up & apologise if i had made a mistake !!
As a rational thinker & problem solver, i do not allow myself to be manipulated, steamroll or bullied .. intellectually or otherwise !!
The realisation which dawned upon me a long time ago .. that all women ... it does not matter who they are, whether rich or poor, black or white, Muslim or non-Muslim .. all of them enjoys a phenomenal status in the realm of the Islamic perspective !!
They are indeed the mothers of humanity !!
In one of many verbalisations of the prophet of Islam (pbuh) who said :
" Paradise (jannah) lies at the feet of thy mother's "
And the divine instructions to the males of this world concerning our women is that we shall :
I also respect & believe in the inherent goodness of all people & in the universal principles of basic morality & values which are applicable to all human kind !!
I take extreme exception to all types & in whatever form of prejudices, oppression, racism etc .. In view of this i urge you to please keep tour distance if you regard yourself as being better or different from other human beings by virtue of .. skin pigmentation, belonging to a certain race or group, not coming from the same location - be it village, town, country etc - having studied at or obtained a qualification from a particular institution !!
My own philosophy ... All these paraphernalia does not & will never make the individual, but rather ...
I do believe that all human beings are inherently good in the way in which we were all created .. & that we were created with the ni'mah of free will & intellect to choose the path of our own destinies.
So much so that no person is ever too good not to make mistakes ( the quranic injunction pertaining to the fall of Iblis is a casing point in illustrating this) nor is any person so bad not to realise the ills of his ways & then strive to reform himself to a level where he elevates himself to become the best among the good !!
In view of the aforementioned .. to be judgmental of others, thus becomes a futile exercise that can only breed "ARROGANCE OF THE SELF" which will fester into ...
As a Muslim who enjoys & at the same time strives to live a moral & up-righteous life within the parameters of Islam. I am after all said & done .. a very down to earth & to some extend .. laid back individual in all conceivable ways ... equally comfortable in a sweater/tee shirt, jeans & tackies at a BBQ or on a building site as I would be in formal attirement given the occasion .. even like to walk around in a thoube for no other or sinister reason other than it being a very comfortable piece of clothing especially in hot weather !!
Please take cognisance that i am neither a follower nor a promoter of conventional mainstream practices - traditional & cultural - executed in the name of Islam but which has nothing to do with the deen at all such as the treatment meted out to Muslim women in general & wives in particular ..
& NO I AM NOT A MODERNIST, but rather .. been a student for as long as i can remember ..
But this profile is becoming too tedious & admittedly, somewhat overbearing ..
For this I humbly apologise !!!
& yet there is still so much to deliberate on so many aspects of an array of topics .. who do i articulate it to ??
such a lot to give .. who do i share it with ??
So what do you see ??
would you be a match for me ??

I wish you everything of the best in your quest for happiness .. for this is the intention .. to meet someone to be happy with !!
If you indeed have patiently persevere to arrive at this point in my profile, then hav i thank you &
more later !!

More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: Any Country
Religion: Any
Age Range: 30-45
Decent human being
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