lakhdar is 51 years old Male Seeking Marriage western cape, South Africa

About lakhdar:

i am a Muslim brother from Arabic background,good practicing,very easygoing,simple and down to earth. I live in cape town where I run my own business .


I am dreaming of an islamic marriage that offers tranquillity to the soul and piece of mind, so that a man and a woman may live together in an atmosphere of love, mercy, harmony, co-operation, mutual respect, tolerance and advice .a marriage that lays a foundation for having a muslim family striving for the better. It is not all rosy though, due to human nature, there will always be some misunderstandings and discord . However with ALLAH'S MERCY and GUIDANCE then the strong bond of love and the willingness of coexistence between the couple make the latter more than capable to overcome all those problems and reconcile in a way that makes thing even better than they were before . Quran describes it in a very good fashion , moving and eloquent terms . Plz read surat 30- Ayah( versus) 21. A natural relationship between a man and a woman that is filled with compassion, security, calmness, tranquillity and rest .It has never been about what we take ,it really is about what we share. It is seldom to get what dream of , but we can live with what we have and try to improve it.

Looking for a Muslim from Any in 32-45 age range


Name: lakhdar Age: 51 Reside: western cape, South AfricaRoot: AlgeriaMarital Status: Divorced Religion: Muslim Practicing level: PracticingHeight: 175 cm Body Type: AverageHave Children: No Smoke: No Drinker: NoHair Color: Black Eye Color: BrownOccupation: Self Employed Education Level: Bachelors DegreeMember Since: 2007-10-23 00:00:00 Last Login: 2018-09-17 00:00:00