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Islamic Way in Marriage

Islamic marriage, also known as Nikah, is a religious and legal contract between a man and a woman in Islam. The primary purpose of marriage in Islam is to provide stability, security, and mutual support for both partners, as well as to establish a family and raise children in a supportive and loving environment.

In Islam, there are specific guidelines and customs that govern the process of marriage. Some of the key elements of an Islamic marriage include:

Consent: Both partners must give their free and informed consent to the marriage, and the bride must agree to the terms of the marriage contract.

Witness: The marriage must be witnessed by at least two witnesses who are adult and trustworthy Muslims.

Dowry: The groom is required to pay a dowry, or mahr, to the bride, which serves as a symbol of his commitment to the marriage and is a form of financial protection for the bride.

Modest attire: Both partners should dress modestly during the marriage ceremony and throughout the marriage.

Rights and responsibilities: Both partners have specific rights and responsibilities in the marriage, and they are expected to fulfill these obligations towards each other.

Respect and kindness: The partners should treat each other with respect, kindness, and compassion, and should avoid engaging in any behavior that could harm the relationship.

Sexual relations: Sexual relations are encouraged and expected in an Islamic marriage, as they are seen as a way to deepen the bond between the partners and to fulfill each other's needs.

Divorce: Divorce is discouraged in Islam and is only allowed in specific circumstances. Both partners should make every effort to reconcile and resolve any issues in the marriage before considering divorce.

Overall, Islamic marriage is seen as a sacred bond that is based on mutual love, respect, and commitment. The partners are encouraged to support each other, to build a strong and loving family, and to live a life that is guided by Islamic principles.

By Ayesha Murad on 2023-02-02