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You are viewing mujaahid's profile: Seeking sincere Muslim Woman only please.

mujaahid is a 43 years old Male Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Muslim from South Africa and 30-36 age range
Reside: Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
Nationality or Root Country: South Africa
Marital Status: Divorced Age: 43
Religion: Muslim Practicing level: Beleive
Height: Body Type: Slim
Have Children: Yes Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Employed-General Education Level: Secondary School
Member Since: 2011-11-22 Last Login: 2011-12-27
I'm loyal, trustworthy when things get tough I stick it out. The words quit, impossible, tried everything don't run good with me. If I'm to be considered good looking or not, let me assure you there is so much more to me than my looks and I believe that even at the beginning love will just not shoot out between two people, it will eventually grow. Marriage is of great importance to me. I'm not in the market for casual dating. My hobbies are gardening, walks on the beach, movies, spending time with the kids, in general I love children. I'm confident and have a set plan for the future. I am muslim in accordance with Quran. My belief is based on Logic and reason, not blind following. I have the basics to start a family. To build from the little I have to give. Like I said I have a set plan, but I also feel that it would be selfish towards myself to give everything I'm going to do after its complete to a woman, rather I would try and look for a woman that is willing to come on board and let us do it together as one. I just need a partner who can assist me, Intellectually, Emotionally, Physically, Financially to build up a sound family. I'm well adverse in the house hold duties such as Cleaning, Washing, Dishes, Ironing ( hate it but does not mean I can't do it ), exception cooking not that I won't but I can't. Now I've noticed on some profiles how woman react to the topic of sex. Woman and Men should understand that to be sexually active is perfectly normal for a man, yes even for woman aswell, the problem is not understanding what being sexually minded is. It means that the individual only thinks and wants to talk about sex, that is un healthy in a relationship. For me, yes I'm a sexually active person but that's not me as complete, there are other things I'm active in. What I really want to do for a Good Woman, yes like every other man out there we like to strive and fight to make life as comfatable as possible for you Women, you complete us in everything we do but what I really would like is that oneday when we old and grey. She has to look @ me with tears in her eyes and say to me, there is only one thing that she has found beautiful in our marriage. That is she cannot find one second that she was ever unhappy in our marriage. I would turn to her take her by the hand, tell her to look how old and wrinkle our hands are but my love for her is even newer than the love I had for her when I asked her to marry me. This is what I want, I want to find a woman I can say these words to oneday. Please note that due to the fact that I don't accept divorce as a final solution, I am the one that is being Divorced, I have confirmation of this but still awaiting Finalizing from the M.J.C. So I'm just creating this profile as an inquiry. In other words for

now just to find someone to talk to. JUST TO FIND A FRIEND I CAN SPEND A LITTLE TIME For Thought ( Would you go for the man who can give you everything or the man who desires to give you everything.)

More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: South Africa
Religion: Muslim
Age Range: 30-36
She must be sincere,loyal and trustworthy her interest must be marriage, looks are important but not the most important, I'm not looking for a Barbie Girl, cause I don't think of myself as a Ken. She has to be a fun loving person who also shares a love and care for children. She has to know her way around the house and be able to work hand in hand with me in maintaining it. Her religious beliefs must be Islam but not through blind following, her belief should be in accordance with her own reasoning. Yes Islamic ally men are the head of the house, but men also make mistakes, therefore she must be a person that can reason with me and correct me where I'm wrong. She must understand that I need a wife that is a friend and then a lover. She must be someone who takes pride in herself, her work, her home, her family.
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