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You are viewing ikhlaas's profile: Nikah completes half of iman, the other half to live in obedience to Allah

ikhlaas is a 54 years old Male Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Muslim from Any Country and 18-41 age range
Reside: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nationality or Root Country: Turkey
Marital Status: Married Age: 54
Religion: Muslim Practicing level: Devout
Height: 173 cm Body Type: Athletic
Have Children: Yes Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Self Employed Education Level: Dont want say
Member Since: 2011-09-07 Last Login: 2015-01-03
I am happily married to a good msulim woman and wish to marry again. Allah taAlah and His beloved Rasulula SAW loved that we should marry more than one wife. Alah TaAllah says in the quran if we want the love of Allah, then we should love what His beloved Rasulula SAW loved. Rasulula and His noble sahaba loved polygamy and encouraged us to do this.
More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: Any Country
Religion: Muslim
Age Range: 18-41
Fear Allah. This is a woman this is the type of woman Allah TaAllah shows the believers to marry. A woman who fears Allah in all her actions and desires paradise more than this world. A simple, humble, beautiful, Allah fearing woman.A wife who shall be a partner, friend and mother of children that Allah may grant. A woman who realizes that every condition comes from Allah, who has sabr (patience) in her, is not loud with her voice, controls her temper, does not pick on the faults of others, especially hides the faults of her husband. A woman who realizes that happiness and love are favours from Allah, so she makes shukr, shows gratitude and thanks to Allah by obeying Him in ALL His laws. A woman who realizes that her beauty is not for strange men, that she is valued for more than her beauty but her piety. A woman who shall help her husband enter paradise and he shall help her enter paradise. If a woman has children already they are a blessing and not a burden.
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him has said my way is the way of simplicity and modesty, the way of shaytaan and the those who do not believe in Allah is the way of shame and extravagance.

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