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You are viewing Boo's profile: Looking for someone sincere and genuine

Boo is a 35 years old Male Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Any One from Any Country and 25-40 age range
Reside: United Kingdom
Nationality or Root Country: United Kingdom
Marital Status: Single Age: 35
Religion: Muslim Practicing level:
Height: 178 cm Body Type: Athletic
Have Children: Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Employed-General Education Level: Secondary School
Member Since: 2019-06-11 Last Login: 2019-06-26

I am a REAL man, I am NOT like anyone else you may have come across.
I would describe myself as an extremely considerate and friendly person, i am very laid back, open minded and very very humble.
I am a man of principles, I always say what I mean and mean what I say.
I would like to think I am chivalrous, caring and romantic almost the perfect gentleman.
I have a strong sense of humour and enjoy making people laugh.
I like the simple things in life, I'm not materialistic in anyway whatsoever nor am I superficial.
I am a very honest person that always speaks his mind, I dislike anything fake and I despise liars. I am a very reserved and private person. I'm extremely unique in many ways but don't go banging on about it 😉
I don't smoke or drink or do drugs, I don't go to clubs/pubs/bars.
In my spare time I like going for long walks, keeping physically active(physical fitness and wellbeing is important to me, thankfully I am in the best shape of my life, I probably weigh less than most of u ladies 😊😊 I jest) ,I love learning things, I have many skills. I Enjoy camping, going to art galleries, training in martial arts, cycling, gardening, love guns and shooting(clay pigeon shooting or shooting range), playing chess, going to the gym and travelling. I really like learning new languages and I'm fluent in quite a few.
I can play the drum kit, and piano. I am currently learning to play the guitar.
I read a lot of books, mainly about history (I know my stuff) and fact based stuff but I do also enjoy autobiographies and books about politics, religion, the occult, music and comic books,etc I also own all the Harry Potter books 😊😊
I don't listen to any current music, I like frank Sinatra, jerry vale, Barry manilow, Freddie mercury, nirvana,Eminem,bobby vinton, R.E.M.,Marilyn Manson and Korn plus many more.
I LOVE watching western cowboy movies, my two favourite movies ever are Avengers infinity war and The Hateful Eight.
I was Born & raised in the UK, I live alone.
I am very clean and hygienic.
I don't use social media at all.
I don't like beating around the bush or sugar coating, I like to tell it how it is.

No time wasters, Genuine people only

More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: Any Country
Religion: Any
Age Range: 25-40
I'd like to speak to someone that is intelligent, I don't tolerate morons at all. Someone that is NOT judgemental, I wasn't always the lovely person I am today...
Must have a sense of humour.
Someone that thinks for herself and speaks her mind, must be comfortable in her own skin. Must be humble. Someone I can talk to for long periods without tiring, companionship is key, intelligent conversation is a must. I prefer character over appearance, I'm more interested in what your like as a person. I never judge a person by their physical appearance, I am pretty enough for the both of us😊 (If your a fatty I will happily whip you into shape😉)
I can't allow myself to waste time on any old riff raff so I am very particular about who I invest my time in, so if you have many men that you talk to you don't need to be talking to me. I am looking for ONE woman that wants ONE man.
I am looking for someone that will be my best friend before anything else, I believe in soulmates and that's who I'm looking for.

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