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You are viewing Omnia's profile: What you seek is seeking you

Omnia is a 30 years old Female Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Muslim from Any Country and 25-45 age range
Reside: Sarayevo, Sarayevo Bosnia
Nationality or Root Country: Bosnia
Marital Status: Divorced Age: 30
Religion: Muslim Practicing level: Practicing
Height: 163 cm Body Type: Dont want say
Have Children: Yes Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Other Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Employed-General Education Level: Secondary School
Member Since: 2018-02-18 Last Login: 2018-07-20

Here one Hanafi with a Sufi spirit! 😀

(Explanation: I don't follow any strand of Sufism; having a Sufi spirit means that I like their literature and extremely developed sense for freedom, also the fact that they are relying on Allahs Mercy more than they mention Allahs punishment. I like Rumi, but I avoid his "wine quotes" even I know it's just a methaphor and not the actual wine (but anyways, I avoid). So I'm not following any RULES from any Sufi strand, but I do feel spiritually connected with their views of life and their sensuality.)


I'm very natural and easygoing. Talkative, honest, crazy in a positive way, always ready for a good joke. I expect to talk with someone who speaks English fluently, a practical muslim with decent look, like mine is. Just fluent English please!

I am working in a shoe factory, for salary so small - you would probably laugh for days when you would hear how small it is. But thank God for everything.

*...had to quit college cause of financial issues, what broke my heart.

*...learned English mostly from the movies and some basics in High school cause our first foreign language was German. (By the way: I don't speak German, haha!) As I like to say: I always loved English. I learned it through love. The best things I've learned through love.

*...I've read big novel "War and peace" by Tolstoy when I was only 13 years old (I've never thought about this like about some phenomenon, but now when I think: who reads this kind of stuffs in this young age? In this age I was really reading a lot, and mostly serious literature.)

We were 2 years without electricity, so I've read books under the light of candles.

*I had a very hard life. But my free and somewhat wild spirit always lifted me up.

*...started wearing hijab about 6 years ago and since then I feel complete.

I really don't have time to write with all of you, I will answer only on longer, kind and smart messages, not on group messages like: "Hi", "How are you", or "I want to marry you..." I'm an individual so treat me like an individual. Every woman needs different approach and you need to occupy her with something worth her attention; it doesn't mean because this is online meeting that everything is easy - I'm a real woman just using this virtual connection, so rules are the same like outside this world.

My advice to all of you is that you need to work on your introduction. Most of you have some "lazy manners" that ain't good for nothing. I mean this kind of behavior can't make a dog or cat likes you, far away from win you a woman.

Imagine you see me on the street and jump infront of me with: "Hi" or "I want to marry you!" I would probably consider you a lunatic. Of course that many of us wants to marry here but you can't have husband or wife just like that, on the plate. I mean you can, but mostly the wrong ones, the real things usually come with some difficulties.

*I'm not much into chat. I think it's MOSTLY a waste of time. I prefer mails or longer messages (but when I really REALLY like someone, then we can whatsapp and skype each other here and there).

One more reason why I dislike chatting is because of the fact that it opens the door to shaytan to be the "third person"...because man and a woman are basically alone with each other in this "real time communication tool" which opens the door to shaytan to be the third person there.

But with "virtual letters" is different, it is much more safe, and it is healthy and mature way of communication.


What I forgot to say...oh yeah: I'm divorced and have a child, a son - 5 years old. His father never cared about him - this speaks enough for itself, so there's no need for further explanations. now the bad part (everything previously written was good )...and that is....(this will automatically eliminate ALMOST all of you, haha!):➡➡➡➡➡➡➡⤵

↪ I C A N 'T
2 Y E A R S❗🔻

I mean I can travel, I could stay in some country for about two weeks every two months maybe, I can (MAYBE) be a second wife to some responsible and UNIQUE man (not to some rich idiot who just wants another female for s**s)...I can...I can...I don't know...we can think something (think, think with me!).

And why I can't relocate now...well, you see: my child has something like "lazy speech". He should attend school for one seems that we will have to move that to another year because of his speech insufficiency.

He is beyond smart but somehow lazy with talking skills..although he is progressing more and more how will he learn another language now when even his mother language is "hard" for him...this would be so confusing and stressful for him...and I don't wanna put him through such a hardness...

I am not expecting any younger man to approach me...just because of these complications that I have...that's why I expect someone older...35 - 45 ...possibly divorced with children (but I am not shutting down other possibilities cause it will be by Allahs will at the end)...

Unfortunately, I am not attracted to men from my culture, it's like we speak different languages...and I also don't like their understanding of Islam.

P.S. In the future I would like to wear niqab and I need someone who will support me in this step...someone who will make me feel safe and protected.

Another P.S. (haha!): I love to initiate, but I'm not going to do this here. So I'll just gonna stand here and be beautiful and magnificient, hoping that this is more than enough. 😂😂😂

More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: Any Country
Religion: Muslim
Age Range: 25-45
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