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You are viewing usman1988's profile: Looking for a practicing Muslima wife.

usman1988 is a 29 years old Male Seeking Marriage Preferred to meet Muslim from Any Country and 18-26 age range
Reside: Islamabad, Capital Pakistan
Nationality or Root Country: Pakistan
Marital Status: Single Age: 29
Religion: Muslim Practicing level: Devoted
Height: 177 Cm Body Type: Slim
Have Children: No Smoke: Drinker: No
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Employed-General Education Level: Masters Degree
Member Since: 2015-02-20 Last Login: 2018-02-23
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.!!!

I am Usman from Islamabad, Pakistan. Never been married. I belong to a very decent, respectful, educated, and devout Muslim (Sunni / Salafi) family. I am a religious person who never compromises on Islam, honesty, and loyalty. I have a very calm personality, firm control over my temperament, and I don't get angry. I am simple, understanding, helpful, very hard working, and down to earth person. I don't like to argue or be in conflict. When someone makes a mistake, I politely point out the person's mistake and advise instead of fighting or shouting.

My family and friends consider me a wise person and they always consult me for opinion whenever they have any issue. I am defiantly not a perfect person but I do always strive to be one of the best person who people use as an example. I DO make a lot mistakes like any normal human, but I learn from my mistakes and don't tend to repeat my mistakes.

Alhamdulillah I have been very successful in my professional life and I have a very stable career. I am a self made man. Now I would like to get married as soon as possible and start my own family according to Quran and Sunnah.

I live in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Many people think that Pakistan is a plane desert. Sorry but Pakistan is not a desert. In fact Pakistan is a nuclear power country and Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital city in the world after London. So Islamabad is better than Berlin, Paris, Washington, Rome, Moscow, and Ottawa. On top of that it’s in a Muslim country. Don’t believe me? Google it as Islamabad capital city ranking. You will see it yourself.

More about the person I am seeking
Nationality or Root Country: Any Country
Religion: Muslim
Age Range: 18-26
Below are some "must have" qualities that I am looking for in my future wife. If she provides me with these qualities in return I will try my level best to be the best husband in the world and give her all my love, affection, attention, respect, care, and comfort. If she takes one step to make me happy I will take 2 steps in return. I will fulfill all her desires that are halal and within my ability.

• My future wife must be a person with fear of Allah in her heart.

• Must be well educated or willing to study further if she is not that educated.

• Must be eager to learn about Islam and willing to learn more about Islam.

•Must Pray 5 times a day regularly and never miss salah.

• Must be a firm believer and recite Quran daily.

• Must be practicing and a devout Muslim.

• Must cover herself with a veil (niqab).

• Must be Compromising, Caring, loving, well mannered, obedient, and submissive to her husband.

• Must NOT be dominant. I don't like women who are or try to be dominant. This does not mean she cannot even point out mistakes in me. She must do so politely while keeping all manners in mind.

• Willing to relocate where I live. I am NOT willing to relocate, even if she resides in Europe or USA and owns a diamond mine there.

• Willing to do the house hold work. My house will also be her house so she must take care of her house.

• One who will always stand by my side and bravely face all the hardships in life.

• One who accepts her husband as Imam and follow his directions.

• Person with positive attitude and a smile on her face.

• Its fine with me if she wants to do a job as long as she is not ignoring any points mentioned in this box and is able to fully take care of her family in a timely manner, but I will decide where she will work. Alhamdulillah I earn enough to fully support my family. So she is more than welcome if she does not want to do a job.

• Ideally (but not necessary) should not be overweight. Not that I dislike such people. It’s just because I personally believe that if she cannot even take care of herself, how will she take care of her family?

In short she must be a complete Muslim. Above points are exactly what Islam allows and tells a married women to do. If I am missing any points please include those too. We will talk about it in more detail after initial contact. InshAllah.

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