The Best Islamic Husband - Qualities of a Man Who Cares About His Wife

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Truly, Islam is a complete way of life and it is no surprise that the man who was the best to his wife was none other than the Noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In this article, we are going to look at what makes the best Islamic husband and focus on the qualities of a man who cares about his wife. In Islam, good matrimony is very important. The wife has rights over the husband and vice versa. But what are the things one will find in an ideal Islamic husband?

- Piety: For the best Islamic husband, the fear of Allah is the most paramount thing. This explains why in everything he does; he puts Allah first. This includes the way he relates with his wife, children, family, friends, business associates and practically everyone. He has a reputation for being pious and never compromises on his deen (faith).

- Patience: Almighty Allah (SWT) is As-Sabur (The Patient One) and the virtue of patience is one also found in the best Islamic husband. Because he knows that marriage is not an easy task, he is always very patient and understanding with his wife. Women have unique biological functions like monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancies, and menopause and each affects the woman in different ways. An excellent Islamic husband is always patient with his partner.

- Kindness: Several times, the Noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) admonished his followers and the Sahabah (Companions) to be very kind to their wives. Kindness is a very important ingredient in any marriage. It is not part of Islam for a husband to be cruel, wicked and cold towards his wife.

- Responsibility: Being responsible and hardworking is also very important. A good husband is one who is able to provide for his wife, children and all other members of his family.

Author, Adebayo AA.

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